Ladue News Charity Award Finalist

Andrea Newstead and Karen Silverman, BTSS co-chairs with $1000 check and article reprint
Each year, Ladue News singles out a handful of charities that are doing good work to support the St. Louis community.

We are very honored that Back to School! Store was one of the 2010 finalists. Along with the award, the newspaper will be feature our project in the Ladue News issue on news stands today!

Along with naming us a finalist and the wonderful publicity that will come along with that, Ladue News awarded us with a $1000 check which will be a big help in purchasing all of the items that we still need to outfit the kids.

See all of the pictures from the award ceremony on our Facebook page

Join Ladue News in Supporting our Kids with a Donation

If you haven’t already made a donation to the 2010 Back to School! Store, please consider sponsoring a child. Outfitting 1000 kids is a massive undertaking and foundations are simply not giving out as many grants as they used to.

We need your support in order to make this wonderful day happen for the kids.

For only $150, you can sponsor a child…providing everything they need to go back to school ready to learn. If your budget doesn’t allow for $150, please give what you can. Your $25 donation let’s us buy a child a winter coat, hat & gloves. A $10 donation buys a child a pair of tennis shoes.

Even a dollar would help. If you could help spread the word and get your friends and family to join you in making a $1 donation, it would all add up to taking care of our kids.


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